Emma Bunton has revealed Mel B and Geri Horner will join her at rehearsals for the Spice Girls tour on Monday after their lesbian romp scandal.

Speaking on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” Baby Spice said the women will hit the studio after they had crisis talks about Mel B’s shock revelation last month.

Asked if the tour would go ahead, Bunton said: “Of course, we are starting rehearsals on Monday. It’s all fine. We have all chatted about it. Listen, we had fun back in the day. I didn’t know anything else but you know, we are all good.”

She went on: “We all know each other’s characters so well that we deal with each other in different ways, we have different friendships, so we work really well together.”

She later joked about her reaction to learning of Horner and Mel’s fling, and said: “I must admit, I was like, ‘What about me?’ I felt a bit left out.”

The Spice Girls have changed some lyrics in their hit “2 Become 1” to make it more LGBTQ-friendly.

Emma said they made the decision to change the line “any deal that we endeavour/boys and girls feel good together” into “once again if we endeavour/love will bring us back together” ahead of their upcoming reunion tour in a bid to make the song more inclusive.

In an interview with Gay Times, Emma said: “We changed the lyrics in a hotel. We were traveling and we were like, ‘Absolutely, it needs to be changed.’ We felt like it needed to be more inclusive.”

The “Wannabe” hitmaker went on to thank the group’s LGBTQ fans for their continued support and says it feels “more open” than ever before while performing.

She said: “You notice that support — it’s just incredible. Thank goodness we’re living at a time where everyone is supporting each other so much more now. I feel so thankful to them — when I write or when I perform, it feels on such a more open, different level. It’s so much more inclusive and special.”

The 90s girl group’s reunion tour was announced at the end of 2018 and will begin on 24 May 2019.

Mel B, 43, previously admitted that she’s “gutted” Victoria Beckham, 44, won’t be joining her and the other band members for the shows.

Scary Spice said: “I am sad she is not going to be there. But she is busy with what she is doing with her fashion line and her family. But I am gutted that she is not going to be with us.

“But I am still going to hold that candle and hope that she will.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun.