As every bride to be knows finding the perfect dress is key to every wedding.

And with just 71 days until her big day, Mel HATES the one she’s chosen to walk down the aisle in.

So, in a last ditch attempt to feel good on her wedding day she enlists the help of her best pal and maid of honour, Sara, and celeb stylist, Gok Won.

Mel, who’s appearing on tonight’s Say yes To The Dress Lancashire, admits she wasn’t too picky when she bought her original wedding dress.

She said: “I was sick of trying dresses on. I just went for the first one that I felt alright in. I’ve been to try it on again and I hate it.”

But this has led to serious consquences for both her and her groom.

Mel added: “If I don’t find a dress today then I can’t walk down the aisle.”

To make matters worse Sara, who is tasked with helping Mel find the perfect gown, admits she’s super opinionated.

Arriving at the Ava Rose Hamilton boutique, she said: “My role today is speak my mind, tell her the truth, because I don’t think anybody else will.

“I can’t keep my gob shut when I think something looks a mess.”

To get the ball rolling, Gok gets Mel to try on a gorgeous lace fishtail dress, but the bride has some surprising reservations.

She says: “It’s not what I expected but my heart is pounding out of my chest because I just know full well when I go downstairs there’s going to be some kind of negativity.”

Sara certainly doesn’t let her down and makes a cutting comment as soon as she sees her friend in the frock.

She says: “Right, how can I put this without being awfu?  Your stomach is really flat in it, it’s not about your stomach.

“But behind I can see dimples in your legs and your bum.”

Desperate to relieve the tension, Gok insists he can’t see any dimples – but sara definitely disagrees.

She says: “It’s not shocking but I’m just telling you that’s what I can see. I don’t know if he’s ever met anyone as vocal as me.”

Thankfully Gok sees the funny side.

Worried Mel asks: “It’s all turned into my dimply bum and not about the dress,.”

She then asks if she has any back fat in the gown – and Sara once again replies with a brutal observation.

She says: “I don’t think your bra helps.”

Gok desperately tries to salvage the situation, although he has a mammoth task ahead of him.

He says: “What I’ve got to do now is cover dimples, show the body off, cover the boobs, and find a dress that is available in 71 days.”

He picks a stunning, intricately laced, backless dress that suits Mel down to a tee. “I love it – and thankfully Mel loves it.

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She says: “There’s no dimples there. That feeling in the pit of my stomach has completely changed.”

But they still have to get the gown past Sara.

This time, Mel, Sara and everyone else are in tears of happiness.

Sara says: “I can’t actually believe that her dress has made me cry.”

  • Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire airs tonight at 8pm on TLC