A woman who repeatedly harassed her ex-boyfriend’s family, by sending unpaid takeaways, making hoax calls to the police and sending them an indecent video of him, has been ordered pay them compensation.

Shelby Gratty had been in an on/off relationship with the man where she suffered from ‘significant domestic violence’.

But following his subsequent conviction and imprisonment for an offence of grievous bodily harm against her, 20-year-old Gratty began a campaign of harassment against his mum, sisters and grandparents of his friend.

Over a number of days she sent his family a nude video of him, Tameside Magistrates’ Court heard.

She then began an ‘extraordinary’ course of action where she sent unpaid takeaways and Facebook sellers round to the grandparents of her ex-partner’s friend.

Manchester Evening News reports that on one occasion they received up to five takeaways in an hour, the court was told.

Gratty then went on to make hoax calls to the police claiming women were being held hostage at their address – leading to multiple searches.

She pleaded guilty to five offences of sending a communication of an indecent or offensive nature, two offences of harassment, an offence of causing a public nuisance and criminal damage where she damaged his mother’s window.

Tameside JPs sentenced her to a 12 month community order, 25 days of rehabilitation activity requirements and ordered her to pay £50 compensation to each of the five victims.

Prosecutor Harriet Lavin told the court that Gratty had sent an indecent video which exposed her ex-partner’s genitalia to his family.

In a statement read to the court, his mum said: “I believe she was doing this on purpose and wanted to get back at my family due to issues between her and my son.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable for her to be sending his sister videos of her brother.”

The court heard that the grandparents of a friend of Gratty’s ex-boyfriend began receiving unpaid takeaways and random people turning up at their home from May last year.

“In one hour they had five people turning up with takeaways to the property though no further action was taken at that stage by the police,” Ms Lavin said.

“The couple said it got worse around November and December – the police started being called to their address.

“On December 1 the police received a report that a female had been kidnapped and was being held hostage at their address.

“Officers arrived to do a house search and found there was nothing of concern and came to the conclusion this was a hoax call.

“On December 9 they received a call that there was a distressed female, the police searched the property again and concluded it was a hoax call.”

On two further occasions, the police were called to their address and undertook searches of their home – resulting in nothing of any concern.

The final incident on December 15 saw the police told of a female who had been stabbed in the leg, the court heard.

Following a search to make sure this was not the case, officers again concluded this was another hoax call.

This was orchestrated by Gratty, prosecutors said.

In a victim personal statement read to the court, the grandfather said: “I am always nervous at home in case the police turn up again.

“I have been recently diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and all this adds to the undue stress on me and my family.

“It’s just relentless and I have noticed it has affected my wife – I just want all this to stop.”

His wife added: “It’s continued to get worse and worse and we know she is probably just sitting on her phone somewhere making all this happen.

“I’m extremely anxious and scared of what could happen that I have stopped having our grandson coming round to the house in case the police are called.

“It’s making our lives a misery and I have no idea why she is doing this – other than we are the grandparents of a friend of an ex-partner.”

Gratty was said to have no previous convictions.

Prosecutors said this was a persistent action over a prolonged period intended to cause maximum distress.

In mitigation, her defence lawyer Sam Corcoran said: “It’s quite clear from the pre-sentence report she does not seek to excuse her behaviour.

“She does present quite extraordinary behaviour.

“She suffered significant domestic violence and her ex-partner received a four-year custodial sentence for an offence of grievous bodily harm against her.

“It was a case of not knowing where to turn to whilst caught in the eye of the storm.

“She doesn’t seek to excuse the fact she lashed out – that’s quite apparent.

“These are the actions of a woman who didn’t know which way to turn and had taken some really inappropriate course of action against people who had no responsibility for what he was doing to her at the time.

“Since coming before the court that behaviour has stopped.”

Sentencing her, JP Graham Gosling said: “There was serious distress caused to all the victims over an extended period of time.

“However we have also taken into account your early guilty plea, the fact you have got no previous convictions, your age and lack of maturity, and the information in the pre-sentence report.

“These actions took place some time ago and have not been repeated.”

Gratty was handed a 12 month community order, 25 days of rehabilitation activity requirements and a 13 week electronically monitored curfew between 8pm and 8am.

She was also ordered to pay £200 compensation for the broken window, along with £50 compensation to each victim, as well as being made the subject of a 12 month restraining order against all five victims.