James Argent has reflected on suffering a drug overdose that almost claimed his life last year in a candid social media update.

On Saturday, the former The Only Way Is Essex star celebrated turning 33-years-old – however he almost didn’t make it to such an age following an incident in 2019.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Arg shared a video of himself singing the 1986 song Blackbird by The Beatles as he looked back on his overdose health scare.

While his update also comes more than 11 months into the reality star’s journey of sobriety after he quit drugs at the start of the year.

Sharing his video, Arg wrote: “A year ago today on my birthday I was rushed into hospital after a near fatal drug overdose.

“Today I’m over 11 months clean & sober, If I can achieve this in 2020 with everything against me then I believe I can achieve anything.

“Thank you for your love & best wishes. I will continue to make my Family, Friends & supporters proud of me.”

The TV star also went on to share his personal pick-me-up whenever he feels down.

He wrote: “Ps Whenever I feel down or depressed I listen to @thebeatles & it makes me feel better!”

Friends and followers were quick to support Arg, with Loose Women star Saira Khan writing: “You Can achieve anything Arg. You just need to want it soo much.”

And another typing: “Well done. A day at a time.”

While good friend Mark Wright remarked: “I am beyond proud of you Arg.

“I was so worried about you every day, you gave me constant anxiety, to be 11 months sober is incredible for somebody that was in such a dark place.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that Arg had spent a night in hospital after suffering two overdoses in the space of two months.

On-off girlfriend Gemma Collins was said to have saved the reality star’s life by acting quickly and raising the alarm.

Arg himself went on to bare all in an interview where he revealed he would, at his lowest points, lock himself away in a dark room and take drugs while in despair.